Authorized Gas Tester Training (MCS-TR-HSE-23)


Target Group
This programme is designed to meet the initial onshore training and knowledge assessment requirements for personnel preparing to work as Authorised Gas Tester training and is required for those involved with testing for flammable gas in preparation for hot work.

All delegates must bring Photographic I.D. and PASSPORT only (original
or copy)
 HEALTH: All delegates will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior to course

Training Objectives
  • The aim and objectives of the AGT training programme is to ensure that personnel preparing
    for a gas tester role are equipped with the knowledge to safely conduct tests for flammable
    gases in preparation hot work in the workplace.
  • Delegates will also learn about relevant legislative requirements, gas measuring and
    monitoring equipment and documenting gas test results.

Course Duration – 1 Day

Course Content Examination and Certification

Delegates will receive theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:
- Hot work and the production of flammable and toxic gases
- The principles of hot work gas testing
- The hazards and properties of flammable gases
- Using risk assessments and safe systems of work
- The implications of organizational and statutory requirements
- How to interpret operational requirements
- How to select, use and care for PPE and RPE
- How to work within the Permit to Work system
- Interpreting relevant operational instructions
- The operating principles of atmosphere measuring equipment
- The strengths and weaknesses of flammable and toxic gas detection equipment
- How to set up the relevant detector and confirm its correct functioning
- Locating sentinel styled equipment for optimum benefit
- How to correctly obtain a representative sample of the atmosphere being tested
- Gas detector pre-start checks
- Calibrating the instruments
- Detectors used for the flammable product
- Interpreting and documenting the results

  • Certification for Authorised Gas Tester training will be issued on successful
    completion of the training programme. The certificate is valid for two years.