First Aid At Work (MCS-TR-HSE-03)


Target Group
The qualification is designed for those learners already working or preparing to work in industry and that have been identified within the company’s risk assessment of First Aid

 ITEMS TO BRING: All delegates must bring Photographic I.D. and PASSPORT only (original
or copy)
 HEALTH: All delegates will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior to course

Training Objectives
Aim and Objectives: This qualification consists of two mandatory units, which learners must complete successfully in order to achieve the qualification:
  • Emergency First Aid in the Workplace
    Objectively the learners will identify roles and responsibilities of a first aider at work,
    ranging from a casualty who becomes unresponsive, or have breathing difficulties, wounded and is bleeding and casualty sufferring of shock, seizure and other minor injuries

  • Recognition and Management of Illness and Injury in the Workplace
    Objectively the learners will gained progressive knowledge and practical skills in responding sudden cardiac arrest, how to initiates Basic Life Support functions, focused developmental skills in performing CPR, learns how to operate and use the AED, care response to serious injuries to the head-neck and back, care for swelling and limb deformities and quick and accurate response to burn emergencies as well as to envrironmental emergencies

Course Duration – 3 Day

Course Content Examination and Certification

Learners will gain adequate knowledge, practical skills in the following areas:

Emergency First Aid in the Workplace
1. Roles and Responsibilties of the First Aider
2. Assessing an incident
3. Managing an Unresponsive casualty- yet Breathing
4. Managing an Unresponsive casualty- Not Breathing
5. Obstructed Airway (Choking)
6. Wounds and Bleeding
7. Shock and Seizures
8. Minor Injuries

Recognition and Management of Illness and Injury in the Workplace
1. First Aid Provider
2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
3. Basic CPR Skills
4. Basic Life Support Care (BLS)
5. AED operation
6. Care for Serious Injuries
7. Control of Bleeding- Internal Bleeding
8. Head, Neck or Back Injury
9. Swollen, painful and deformed limb
10. Burns
11. Environmenta Emergencies

  • The qualification is assessed via practical demonstration, assignment and oral questioning
  • All successful students will be awarded with a First Aid at Work Certificate, along with a wallet-sized plastic card detailing their qualification and validity