Bulldozers Operator Training and Certification (MCS-TR-LE-09)


Target Group
All identified personnel who are required to use or responsible for work carried out involving the use of Bulldozers

The aim of these courses is to bring candidates into line with accepted Codes of Practice approved by the Health and Safety Commission and regulations covered by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Sections 2 and 16.

Training Objectives

  • To enable operators to complete specific job tasks using the Bulldozers in a safe and efficient
  • To give an understanding of the seriousness of operating a Bulldozers
  • To outline the responsibilities for operating a Bulldozers.
  • This program specifies the basic knowledge and skill requirements for the safe operation of Bulldozers

Course Duration – 2 Days

Course Content Examination and Certification

  • Safety regulations & standards
  • Bulldozers fundamentals & controls
  • Hazard Identifications
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Site & Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Machine Stability
  • Proper Start Up & Shut Down Protocol
  • Steering & Control
  • Safe Load Handling

  • Theoretical Exam  - ½ day
  • Practical Exam  - ½ day